Commitment of the store


A different space based on the image of a luxury resort in Thailand. Soothing background music and scents will soothe you.

When you step into our store, you'll find greenery spreading throughout the spacious store, and you'll feel like you're in a resort. !

 The seawater aquarium welcomes you in the aquarium room. Each room has its own unique room for treatment, so please enjoy which room it is.


Highly skilled traditional Thai massage

Most of our staff have mastered their treatment techniques in Thailand, and we are conducting tests to maintain our high technical skills.

He has received high praise from customers for his training of staff and the acquisition of new techniques through the overall synergistic effect. In addition, we aim to improve our techniques every day for lymphatic massage, foot massage, and head massage.


Full range of amenity goods and hospitality

We have started preparing herbal tea and more at our store! ! In order to please our customers, we are working on our services every day

We do not engage in excessive sales or push-selling, so that you will want to come again.

We aim to provide a relaxing and soothing service to the end.